Kyoto-Osaka Forgotten Realms!

Episode 3 Murder

Mirtuk 12: the PCs are woken by a scream. While they slept off they party that Halaskar threw for them, Shamash was murdered. He was found strung from the rafters, throat torn out. The wall over his bed read in a bloody smear: The Jackals. Upon investigation the PCs discovered that Pell, the recruit for the Jackals, had broken out of the barracks cell where he was being held, and that the same transmutation magic had been used to open the wall to Shamash’s room as had broken him out. The few clues they were able to gather suggested that a group of seven had come by the inn, and that tracks leading from the barracks led east, potentially toward the citadel of Sundabar, where the Jackals have a stronghold.

As the pcs asked a few more questions and prepared to bury their beloved comrade, a dwarven merchant pull Claw and Eradon aside. His curiosity having gotten the best of him, he asks to see the orb they received from Tarnruth. In their conversation they learn that the orb is a Sunorb, but an odd combination of elven and dwarven make. Elves prefer round ones like theirs, and Dwarves like crystalline ones, but Tarnruth’s Orb is round with dwarven magic runes on it, suggesting some sort of collaboration. The merchant suggests that they might be able to learn more about it in Sundabar, which is famed for its dwarven magic.

After a touching eulogy from Garvenmov II, the pcs left town in hot pursuit. The second day in their travels (Mirtuk 13) they encountered a detour around an area damaged by the Spellplague. The Spellplague area was a misty blue fog from a distance, but as they grew near they could see a distinct border marked by tendrils of blue flame. Shouts and screams interrupted their inspection though. A member of the Order of Blue Fire had lost control of his spellscar abilities and was going on a rampage, his body distorting and his arms growing into massive clawed limbs. As the other members of the order fled their leader asked the pcs if they couldn’t put him out of his misery. Combat was tricky, as the spellscarred man retreated into the spellplague area to heal, and the blue border reacted with the spells the pcs tried to cast, causing great gouts of flame to erupt. Eventually they were able to put him to rest.

Craic, initiate of the Order of Blue Fire, gave them thanks, and explained a little about his organization, whose task it is to combat spellplagued monsters, check afflicted areas and aid those who suffer from spellscars. He told them that if they need work in Sundabar to come and visit him at the mission there.

Mirtuk 14: rain falls as the PCs turn away from the high Rauvin River and head through the sparse farms and small forests at the feet of the dark, snow-capped Nether Mountains. Battle cries over a ridge put them into action, as they soon discover a group of Sundabar’s soldiers, the Shieldsar, pinned down by a shield ring of hobgoblins and a barrage of arrows and spells from a small group at the top of a rise. Using the element of surprise they take out the mage and archers, enabling the soldiers to break the shield ring.

Their leader, Thornim the Stout, originally appears to be a dwarf, what with his fantastic blond beard, but he is actually just a short human who gets along with the dwarves of Sundabar. He invites the PCs for some dwarven first-aid (beer) and as thanks, lets them know that they could get some work with the barracks in Sundabar if they need it.



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