Kyoto-Osaka Forgotten Realms!

Episode 7 The Pentagram

In our last episode the party deactivated a summoning ritual deep within the Everfire beneath Sundabar. As Eredon the wizard scanned the scroll, he got a hunch and used his fey step to teleport behind the crystal barrier of an observation deck high in the ceiling, telling the rest of the group that he’d catch up later.

They weren’t sure what to do, but by examining the lines of energy flowing along the floor, they guessed that they formed a pentagram, and were summoning something either very powerful or very immense. The possibility of a double pentagram, all the way across the… volcano… was also raised. What could it mean? The dwarves they had saved were alarmed at the situation they had fallen into and their concern over the other party of dwarves in the previous chamber caused the group (after a coin toss) to go back and rescue them.

Sneaking went fine, as did the initial bluffs, but when Garvenmov started criticizing the Banite thugs for gambling and playing cards, saying “My god doesn’t permit such behavior… and my god is your god… Bane,” the jig was up and the group leapt to combat. Baelian continued to flail away uselessly for several rounds until Never gave him a few pointers and he suddenly rediscovered his mojo, dispatching the wizard who was firing away with lightning and thunder blasts. Meanwhile Claw and Garvenmov went to work on the thugs, the former carving a mighty slash in a berserker and the latter mercilessly stapling to the ground one who fumbled his attack. The leader, a cleric, entered the battle late, having sealed the passage to the main entrance, and proceeded to summon an aspect of Bane, a ghostly apparition, which attempted to shake Claw to his core. The Banites were quickly dispatched, and fast-teleporting Never was once again largely unscathed.

The PCs and roused dwarves soon discovered that the entrance they had used had been collapsed, and that the way to the main entrance was blocked with a wall of force, preventing the interloping PCs from alerting the authorities above. They set the dwarves to the task of clearing the elevator and summoning the guard, and proceeded on to the room beyond the forge.

The entered a huge magma-filled cavern, so hot that Claw and Baelian immediately began to scorch, Garvenmov’s armor glowed red, and even the tiefling Never felt hot under the collar. “It’s so intense,” sang the party in unison. In the center of the room were three dwarves summoning and a series of magma islands at greater and greater spacing led to their summoning circle. As they had heard from the dwarves, a font of green flame sat nearby, and they immersed themselves in it, taking slight damage to shield themselves from the intense heat. The green fire didn’t last long though and with failed jump checks, everyone but Claw ended up splashing around in magma at some point, Baelian getting the worst of it due to his refusal to wear proper shoes.

They rushed with the dwarves from that chamber down a corridor slowly filling with the magma from the previous room. In the next chamber magma was pouring into a large chamber from several open gates and two dwarves were summoning on a steel platform that was sagging as magma rose around it. Working quickly, the dwarves, Claw and Garvenmov shut the gate on the the flow of magma they had followed in, and Baelian and Never deciphered the mechanism to work a series of buckets on chains running the length of the room. As Claw and Never blasted away at the emergency latches of the other gates, Garvenmov leapt into an iron bucket and swung down to the platform, heaving both of the stout dwarves into the bucket with him. The platform collapsed shortly thereafter, destroying the scroll and releasing the dwarves.

Bonus points for Garf and his awesome paint jobs!



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