Kyoto-Osaka Forgotten Realms!

Episode 8 The Jackal, The Priest and The Dragon

We last saw our heroes rescuing some enthralled dwarves from certain doom as they teetered on a tower about to collapse into a pool of magma. When the proceeded to the next chamber they found a group of unconscious dwarves lying around a summoning scroll, their ritual seeming to be finished. The dwarves that the had saved roused their compatriots and explained that they were now in a preparation room for smiths who worked in the hottest core of the Everfire. The PCs suited up in fire-resistant cloaks and gloves (Baelian putting a pair on his feet to replace his scorched sandals) and they jumped into a bucket which conveyed them down a tunnel, into the core.

Meanwhile, Eredon had discovered the Everfire’s ventilation and cooling system, a series of magic glyphs and controls forming a large magical projection of the vents and inlets beneath Sundabar. The system had been damaged, but with his arcana skill he was able to turn on the magical cooling, open emergency venting and turn on the ventilators. He also discovered a magical necklace which allowed him to temporarily become an Ice Mage, and while he didn’t really like the idea, he took the necklace anyway, and proceeded to a teleportation circle in a lookout, high above a massive chamber.

Garvenmov, Claw and Baelian raced down the tunnel and burst into the Core, a massive cave with a heaving pit of magma in the center. Their bucket gave out just then however, and they were forced to leap (or crash, in the case of Garvenmov and Baelian) to safety. Five pillars of light formed a pentagram around the pit, and the magma within was heaving as though its surface was a thin membrane and something was fighting to get through. Indeed, after a moment they saw a massive clawed paw push against the surface of the magma, struggling to break through, to be summoned into this world. Standing on a promontory, conducting the ritual was Mothos, cleric of Bane, and for the moment he was oblivious to the group, concentrating on his ritual.

Each pillar of light was exuding a wall of force, and a two pronged fight broke out when the PCs attempted to push past them. Creatures made of magma sprung from the rock floor and attacked, but once they were dispatched the pillars collapsed and they were able to proceed. Thanks to Eredon, the cooling system also kicked in at this point, which chilled the magma creatures and limited their movements. At this point the Banites and the Jackals realized that there were intruders, and they rushed to the defence of the remaining summoning points. Garvenmov discovered a sword that seemed to be in the process of creation, and snatched it up in order to thrash a halfling that dared appear before him.

About the sword: You are holding one of the nastiest-looking swords you’ve ever seen. It’s massive: if you sheathed it over your shoulder it would nearly touch the ground, and it is so thick it makes other “greatswords” look spindly. You wonder at its construction: the broad blade is pitted and the edge is uneven, it lacks a hilt completely and the tip doesn’t look so much shaped as snapped off on an angle. Picking it up, however, the haft is cool to the touch. It is also insanely heavy, but you get the feeling that despite appearances it packs a huge punch.

While Garvenmov and Baelian took a beating from a Jackalwere, a magma beast and a Banite halfling, Claw and Eredon were cutting a swathe through the enemies on the west side of the pool. Using his new Sequestering Strike, Claw teleported a Jackalwere off the edge of the pit, dumping him in the magma. Meanwhile Eredon score a crit on Morthos with an Icy Sphere, freezing half his body. Unfortunately that wasn’t enough to rattle the cleric, and he swatted the ice ball away with his bare hand.

Meanwhile, the creature that lurked beneath the magma had begun to take form. A huge dragon, composed of magma itself, thrashed beneath the surface and pressed its jaws against the barrier between this world and the Elemental Chaos, struggling to break loose.

Never, who appeared out of nowhere and spent most of the fight teleporting around, took on Tysus, nearly driving him into the magma pit with his curse of the dark dream. Tysus, irritated now, shifted into his giant jackal form and went on a rampage, dealing massive damage to the party. Morthos was about to enter the fray, his summoning disrupted, but Commander Larquinn and Forgemaster Delzoun burst into the chamber via a secret door at the head of a large party of troops.

Tysus and Morthos decided to retreat, but not without issuing a warning: As the last pillar of light disappears, the magic symbol hovering over the magma pit bursts in a halo-shaped explosion. Tysus looks over his shoulder and snarls. “I’ll finish you later, vermin. You’ll rue the day your dam shat you on the street when the Jackals have their vengeance.” From the top of promontory, Morthos is climbing back to his feet from where he was knocked by the magic explosion. He points a baleful finger at you and howls in frustrated rage. “Fools, infidels, suicides! You DARE oppose Bane?! Not even the most forsaken corner of Faerun will save you from his wrath!”

Morthos then disappeared and Tysus burrowed into the rock of the volcano to escape.



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