James Eladrin Wizard


Eladrin Wizard


Eradon was fascinated by the magical arts from a young age and took interest in little else. Barely travelling in the outside world he preferred to work on perfecting his spells.

One day, during his research he noticed a dark aura coming from the ancient totem that protected his village. Investigating further, he found the totem was possessed by a demonic force. Though unable to identify the nature of the force he was certain of it’s presence. Afraid of what this meant for his people he summoned a meeting of the elder council. His warnings to the village elders fell on deaf ears however – they refused to believe their sacred symbol could fail them.

Sensing the force grow in strength by the day, Eradon had no choice but to act. One night he cast a sleep spell over the guards and smashed the totem with his staff. In his mind he felt the scream of the demon as it was torn from it’s refuge in the physical world.

The consequences for Eradon were severe. Accused of high treachery and madness he was exiled. He was lucky. Many of the councillors had wanted an execution.

Now wandering through a world he knows little about, he is in search of adventure and above all clues to the identity of the demon and a way to prove his innocence.


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