Kyoto-Osaka Forgotten Realms!

Episode 10 Leaving Town

The next day, (Mirtuk 22) the visitors came. First they met with Craic of the Order of Blue Fire, who was looking for mercenaries to guard an expedition. A group of miners were hoping to clear out a mine in the former village of Deadsnows that was reportedly infested with plague-changed beasts, and they had commission the Order to be the muscle and expertise. Lacking ready hands, Craic made good on his offer of work, promising 10% of any found gold and all loot discovered.
Next came a huckerster of map salesman, who tried to convince the town heroes to buy a treasure map for the ruins of Ascore for 500gp. Garvenmov, nursing a hangover, used some brute bargaining and got a better price in exchange for not doling out any beatings. Meanwhile, Eredon starting feeling lousy, and the wound where he was bitten by Tysus seemed infected. Fearing some sort of Lycanthropic disease, the group prepared to take him to a clinic.

Last to visit was Olga the Fist, a dour-looking warrioress, the contact at the local freelance agency. She told them gruffly that there was a job they might be interested, and what with their recent fame she thought she’d drop by with it. The deal: 300gp to clear out a nearby cave complex that has been infested with Kobolds. It was formerly used by the Silverymoon Mage Association for its valuable fungal spell components, but the kobolds had recently become a pesky distraction for mushroom picking scholars. Possible bonus for delivery of said mushrooms.

The PCs set out to cure Eredon and discussed what their next plan of action would be. Craic’s caravan was planning to leave in 4 days; the kobold cave was about 2 days’ journey away. As Eredon was treated for his case of Moon Frenzy, they decided to buy horses and ask Craic to delay one day. He agreed, and with Eredon treated and on the mend, they went to dinner.

The bar that greeted them presented a strange scene.
As you go to sit at an empty table, heads turn and small cheer arises as you hear your own names called. Not everyone is smiling though. As you look around the room, you see three different groups of adventuring types mixed in with the merchants and travelers. The first has four members: a towering grey-skinned man whom you believe is a goliath, a hunched man in a cloak who picks at his food, a tiefling woman in a lowcut set of leather armor who is eyeing every man in the room, and a grinning human in plate with short cropped hair, who picks his teeth with a dagger. The goliath is crushing chicken bones in his teeth and the cloaked man is cursing him out while the third man laughs. The tiefling woman pays them no mind and continues eyeing the crowd.

The second is much quieter a blond woman in chainmail sits with a shield emblazoned with the symbol of Torm over her shoulder, next to her a gnome has spread out a multitude of tiny parts across the table and is assembling something. Opposite them sit a heavily bearded man clad in a long hooded brown cloak who arches his fingers meditatively and a slim man greying at the temples who is oiling a finely curved longsword while sucking on a long pipe.

The third is impossible to ignore: a man, at least you think you see a man, is wearing armor that appears to be made of burnished gold. It is so shiny it reflects the sunset coming in through the window and dazzles you. Behind him you seem to see a human woman in a shimmering purple dress and elaborate face paint, a halfling wearing an immensely foppish hat with a feather half as long as he is tall, and someone who appears to have a giant cat’s head. The cat head is putting food deep into the black cavity that is its mouth, while the halfling is fiddling with some sort of box. The woman is alternately preening, casting loving looks in the direction of the man in the armor, and scowling at the room. The man in the gold armor, is scowling at you, though it is hard to see through the glare. He may just have flamboyant eyebrows.

The man with the golden armor began to curse the Blades of Earlann out, saying that they had only become popular because they, Team Ultramax, hadn’t been around. The woman in the purple dress supported him, saying things like “That’s right honey! You tell them!” Meanwhile, the man with the armor carried on, getting more and more agitated. The halfling got his box working, and the bar was suddenly filled with the sound of “Eye of the Tiger”. Cat Head did elaborate poses in front of the armor guy, while the room boos the music. “Ugh, what a terrible crowd,” he says. “This city disgusts me… but Team Ultramax knows you still love us people!” Garvenmov hurled a tankard at Cat Head, who dodge nimbly in mid-gesticulation. The goliath at the other table said “Noisy. Can I squish?” The human opposite him replied, “Heh, you would Teeth! HaHA! No no, not now. Plenty of time for squishing.” Meanwhile the slim man tending to his sword looked up from his work to scowl at the disturbance, his comrade in the cloak said, “Now now, let these youngsters alone with their energy.”

At the same time, the gnome working on little parts flicked something in the way of the music box, causing it to stop working. The man in the armor thought it was done by the cloaked man next to the Goliath and he shouted: “You dare ignore me! You, who are nothing, pixie fart! Pah pah! I’ll show you all!” “You said it honey!” added his woman. “Oh gods, I just can’t work myself up for this without music. Come ON Musicman!” As the halfling struggled with the box, the tiefling woman came over to look at Eredon. Running her tongue over her teeth lasciviously, she said, “Why I could just break you in half, little Eladrin. You wouldn’t mind a little pain, would you?” Eredon did his best to seem equally kinky with a fire reference, but ended up sounding a little inexperienced. Meanwhile, the halfling couldn’t get the box working again, and before Garvenmov could wade through the crowd to start administering blows, Team Ultramax left the hall, saying “come my dears, away from these philistines!” The other group also stood up, the leader announcing, “come on, work to do.” He called to the tiefling, who was still eyeing Eredon. “Allandra are you at it again? Let’s go.” With that they departed.

As the party made their way back to the hotel, planning to suit up and head for the Kobold cave before bedding down for the night, they were suddenly set upon by a group of shadowy figures. The three were pale, and could dissolve into the shadows to move about unseen. One blinded those he attacked, the second danced through the crowd while whirling a long spiked chain, and the latter, a pale bald woman, emanated a chilling darkness and reduced the vision of those she struck. The group slew the party, and upon examining their corpses further, they suspected that they were Shadovar, agents of Netheril, and possibly connected to the mage who attacked them outside Tarnruth’s Tomb.

Episode 11 Kobolds and Mushrooms

Anxious to hang around Sundabar further with these strange agents possibly on their trail, they set off eastward, riding into the night. Eredon used his new Create Campsite ritual and everyone enjoyed the magical convenience of little fairy wisps unpacking their camp and making the dinner.

The next morning (Mirtuk 23) arrived without incident, and once their sprites had taken down their camp and restored the copse where they slept back to its original state they headed off. By midday they discovered a signpost marked with the Silverymoon Mages’ Association, but the words had been scratched out and a bloodied wizard’s hat was jammed on top of the post. Inside the hat they found a single glowing mushroom, which Eredon suspected was the mushroom in question. The turned off the road and headed into the hills, sleeping again, and arriving at the cave by midday of the following (Mirtuk 24).

They went for the stealthy approach, but the Kobolds hear them coming and launched a barrage of boulders and javelins upon the group as they charged up slope to face the little buggers. Despite several nasty blasts from the Kobold shamans, Claw and Baelian punched through their lines and forced the survivors to retreat back within the cave. Inside the found the same plus reinforcements, including an oddly sluggish ogre who rampaged through the group, smashing with his club. Someone (the dm forgets) scored a critical hit, and at that moment, to everyone’s surprise, Tarnruth’s Orb burst from Eredon’s bag like a firework, and blasted the room with a blinding light, then floated down to hover over the crit dealer’s shoulder. When they finally beat back the kobolds and toppled the ogre, who got up once after being knocked out, they discovered an odd mushroom growing out of the top of his head.

After picking through the kobolds’ possessions, Never, Claw, Eredon and Baelian spotted something shiny in a trash heap. This bit of bait was sufficient. A carrion crawler burst from the garbage when Eredon fired magic missiles into it and they thumped the bug to get the shiny. It ended up being a +1 Luck Blade Scimitar, which Claw turned his nose up at (too small), and which Eredon had little interest in. Baelian took it gladly. Never went dumster diving and came up a little richer, a lot stinkier.

The next chamber was a large cave pool, cut in half by a landbridge leading to another tunnel. The PCs were spoked about this vast quantity of water conspiring to be all in the same place at the same time, so they tried to placate the water gods or whatever might have lured within by illuminating chunks of half of Claw’s rancid deer carcass, which he reluctantly parted with, and tossing them into the depths. The monsters down there were probably disgusted by this offering, refusing to touch it or attempt to eat those who’d carry such a thing around, and didn’t appear.

They had their hands full anyway. When the group entered the chamber some chokers lurking on a ledge above snatched Never up and began to throttle him. He fought back with some savage blasts, but wasn’t able to break free. Claw jumped in, trying to slash Never free, but the choker juxtaposed Never between itself and the greatsword, and Claw cut a chunk out of the blue-in-the-face warlock. Baelian looked gormless for a while, but then scored a critical hit with his sling. Yay! When Never finally was dropped by the sorely wounded choker as it attempted to flee, he took revenge and blew it to bits where it scuttled along the wall. Upon destroying his cursed enemy he teleported to a small island where a chest sat, hoping to save himself a swim. This chest had teeth, unfortunately.

Catching Never unaware, the mimic dropped its guise as a treasure chest and chomped him, knocking him unconscious. Baelian, sensing his comrade’s pain, took a running jump and fell pathetically into the pool, nowhere near Never. Claw also dove in, landing closer, while Eredon blasted the beast with fire.

Swimming proved difficult. Baelian thrashed away lamely but then rolled a crit, squirting out of the water like a show dolphin. Claw was treading water when he was smacked by the mimic, and its slowing effect caused him to start to sink deep underwater. A second swim attempt later he dragged his soaked body onto the rock next to Never, who was recovering from the chomp. Despite the mimic’s slippery dodges they managed to gang up on it and reduce it to a pool of treasure-devoid muck.

They did manage to find a little bit of coinage on the choker ledge before tromping off to the next room. This chamber was dominated by a massive glowing mushroom, which was surrounded by several kobolds, which seemed to be worshipping it. As the PCs charged a whole slew of other baddies came out of the woodworks: dwarf-sized mushrooms detached themselves from the floor to attack them, alternately spraying them with spores and spearing them with long spines. A human wizard, whose movements were slow and who didn’t speak, was among the attackers. The combination of the spores, which prevented the heroes from acting, several area-effect attacks from the wizard, and the ability of the mushrooms to split damage received between them made the fight a fierce one. Everyone got in several good licks, but Baelian and Never took a beating. Eredon stayed back for most of the fight because he was out of healing surges, but finally he lost his temper and dove into combat, roasting huge groups of mushrooms and kobolds. Due to their damage-sharing ability, when one mushroom man finally fell, the rest were nearly dead too, and a final strike caused most of the colony to die at once in a shower of fungal bits.

The guys fished a little loot from out from under the giant mushroom, collected some samples of the blue ones and decided to rest before exploring the remaining tunnel. The next day (Mirtuk 25) they explored the last tunnel. Claw, scouting ahead, nearly ran into a gelatinous cube. He hightailed it but the cube was after him. The rest of the guys blasted away, trying to slow its advance, and Never attempted to give the barely sentient cube of jello a bad dream, which didn’t go quite as he had hoped. Baelian suffered the worst, getting immobilized and engulfed twice, knocked down to zero HP and finally getting dumped on the floor when the rest of them reduced the cube to a puddle of goo. On the upside, the party found a Lunia’s Bracelet in the goop, which will help them fight against the Jackals, should they be so lucky.


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