Tag: Luruar


  • Episode 1 The Fall of the Shining Spear

    Our first adventure begins in allied city-state land of Luruar, the Silver Marches, northwestern Faerun. The party was celebrating the spring planting festival of Chauntea on Greengrass Holiday in the village of Lhuvenhead when a group of thugs belonging …

  • Yatagan

    Wizard who collects many strange and broken artifacts. He sent the fellowship of the shining Spear on the mission where they met their end. He instructed the player characters as to where they could find the bodies of the Shining Spear.

  • Pell

    The PCs met Pell in the Dancing Goat in Ep 1. He previously tried to recruit the Fellowship of the Shining Spear but was rejected. He also tried to recruit the PCs, but when they refused, he and his band of teenage locals attacked them. He was arrested by …